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What We Learned About the 1% Toddler From A $419 Bauhaus Dollhouse

Playmobil finally got the memo about luxury real estate and has rolled out its Modern Luxury Mansion for the cool price of $419.89, which roughly translates to 59 allowances. The press release promises a bunch of generally amazing design moves to a perhaps unreceptive audience of three-year-olds: midcentury furniture, Corbusier-style ribbon windows, spacious floor plans, and, according to the designers, a distinct Bauhaus influence. In short, the next generation has better taste then you and they haven't even hit kindergarten.

$19.99, City Life Living Room.
Playmobil's swarthy Seth Cohen will look into your eyes, pour you orange soda, and ask you if you want to read his music zine. His music zine is titled Music.

$17.99, Modern Luxury Bedroom.
Cue the Drake and turn on the spotlights, this bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider isn't gonna un-pop itself. We're watching you, tiny plastic lothario.

$79.99, Luxury Guest Suite
The Playmobil guest suite was designed as an indefinite holding pen for the estranged cousin who needs to weather out a recession while getting her Etsy store off the ground. It's nice, but not that nice. It comes with modular furniture, a few plants, modernist-ish windows, and the comforting feeling of moral superiority.

All photos courtesy of Playmobil.

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