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Buy the Pool Where Nixon Proposed to Kissinger For $75 Million

It was in the swimming pool at San Clemente's La Casa Pacifica, also known as the Western White House, that Richard Nixon asked Henry Kissinger to become the secretary of state. At least, that's what the current owner—Allergan CEO Gavin Herbert—says he heard from Kissinger. Yes, this is the very pool where American foreign policy turned toward the realpolitik, with all the horror that entailed (bombing Cambodia! Chilean death squads!). Nixon added the pool during the two decades that he owned the enormous property, reports the Wall Street Journal; the enormous oceanfront estate was designed in the 1920s for a wealthy local who took inspiration from Spanish architecture, which explains the house's red tile roof, arched doorways, and elaborate tile floors. The original grounds included a vast 26 acres of land, and today it can all be yours assuming you have $75 million.

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