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Even the Bathroom of this St. Louis Palace Has a Chandelier

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Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Price: $1,799,900
This lavish 1901 mansion was built just before the World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. With its marble floors, stained glass windows, and ceiling frescoes, the Venetian Italianate home was clearly designed to impress. Rumor has it that Teddy Roosevelt was even a guest. The 10,752 square foot property with landscaped gardens comes with all of the trappings of the Gilded Age: front and rear staircases, a butler's pantry, dumbwaiters, and a detached carriage house with two apartments. According to the listing, the eight-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion has been "meticulously preserved," and indeed, the elaborate woodwork and sculptured moldings in the dining room appear to be in fabulous shape. The kitchen has been renovated with "period appropriate" cabinetry. It's on the market for $1,799,900.

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