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Ikea's Beijing Store is Totally Over its Many Sleeping Shoppers

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Napping in stores on furniture, a potential title for a new movie starring Drew Barrymore, is apparently a big thing in China, a phenomenon Ikea is no longer too fond of and is attempting to ban. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Ikea staff at a Beijing store are trying to implement a new rule—no sleeping while shopping. The regulation comes at a time when images of shoppers in a full on, unabashed Ikea slumber are standard, so much so that one Getty photographer focused a photo essay on the infamous Chinese nappers.

Last year, Ikea spokesman Josefin Thorell said the store was fine being a home for afternoon nappers: "Ikea in China does nothing to prevent nor anything to attract sleepers. But we don't see it as a problem, we're happy people feel at home in our stores." Details on this pressing issue are scant at the moment, but it appears Ikea is having a change of heart.

Apparently, no one heeds the supposed ban. According to Shanghaiist, reporters who visited the Beijing store saw shoppers in a similar state of total, shameless slumber. Which we totally understand. Shopping at Ikea is hard work. Let the shoppers sleep!

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