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William Randolph Hearst's Penthouse Cuts Ask By Drastic $14M

In 1913, print magnate William Randolph Hearst bought the entirety of The Clarendon, a 13-story, 62-apartment building in Manhattan's Upper West Side for the (these days) painfully modest price of $950,000. One hundred years and some change later, the ask for just a portion of the original penthouse apartment Hearst claimed as his own is asking over 25 times as much—and that's after a new $14 million pricechop. The still-massive penthouse appeared on the market in March 2014 asking $38 million, and was followed up with a $7 million deduction in its ask. Still unable to woo a buyer at that price, the 7,000-square-foot penthouse with 10,000-square-feet of outdoor space has been re-listed for the greatly reduced ask of $24 million. That's a 41 percent deduction in its ask, and a mere nine percent away from admittance into the Pricechopper Hall of Fame.

The penthouse has 17 rooms >>