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This Tower House in Alaska Might be Home to Dr. Seuss' Lorax

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Somewhere in the snowy forest of Willow, Alaska is a delightfully strange 12-story house that locals refer to as the "Dr. Seuss House." The house looms high above the surrounding trees with each stacked floor looking more and more like an afterthought, an extra layer to an already tall cake. The owner built the house after a forest fire, and originally it had views of Mount McKinley and Denali National Park. But when the trees recovered, he lost his view, prompting him to add more and more stories until it became the 12-story tower it is now.

It was abandoned for a while but now has a new owner who is working on renovations and, hopefully, some reinforcements too. Photographer Jovell Rennie recently took some shots of the wondrous house, which looks like an appropriate spot for a Lorax to live. The resulting images and a pretty aerial video are below.

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