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Cozy Parisian Pad Shows How to Live Tiny Without Paring Down

From the ingenious to the insufferable, Paris is no stranger to creative tiny apartment solutions. And here, the 377-square-foot pad of Parisian blogger and designer Éléonore Bridge comes with its own micro living manifesto: just because your home is small doesn't mean you should sacrifice living with everything you want and love! Sure enough, Bridge has managed to fit two beds, a living room, workspace, kitchen, bathroom, and walk-in closet in her narrow dwelling, as well as fight off temptations to default to an all-white palette.

As illustrated in the floor plan below, the apartment begins with a bathroom and works its way inward to the kitchen, work, living areas, a lofted bed above the closet, and finally, the bedroom alcove. To streamline the look of the place, which is featured in the latest issue of live, Ikea's home furnishing magazine, Bridge drew on her past experience designing makeup counters. This means employing the simple trick of adding colorful decor and storage on top of a "calm base" where everything is "on the same plane," (i.e. shelves with the same depth.)

Keep in mind that since the full home tour first appeared on live, the place has been styled with Bridge's top Ikea buys. Still, it's a lovely example of how to make the most of your space.

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