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This Combined Bed-Closet is a Studio Apartment Game Changer

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Designer Till Konneker has a familiar story—he was living in a tiny studio apartment approaching the size of a large closet, knowing that although it had to work, it just didn't work. He needed space. So, he designed the perfect all-in-one bed frame meets stylish storage unit and called it the Living Cube. A neat and orderly spin on throwing stuff under the bed, it features twelve storage spaces of different sizes.

One part is divided into several smaller sections, and the middle space is big enough to hang clothing. Konneker, who initially designed the piece for himself, also fits his television and record collection inside. But what if, say, you have a ton of clothes? The Living Cube can also be transformed into a walk-in closet. It can even store a bicycle. Konneker offers two standard models via his website and also offers custom models. College kids everywhere rejoice! This snazzy piece of dorm room-appropriate furniture doesn't promise to actually keep your roommate's stuff organized, but it will probably keep it off the floor.

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