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Miami Car Garage is a Silvery 'Tessellation' With a Pop of Color

Parking garages are a big deal in Miami, with even starchitects like Zaha and Herzog & de Meuron creating imaginative versions of them. The city's newest high-design parking garage, which will open soon in the Design District, has a façade divided into three different motifs. The west side, by Leong Leong Architecture, is made out of titanium-plated stainless steel, with a shiny 3D Matisse-like covering. On the eastern side, architect Iwamoto Scott crafted both the exterior staircase and a shades-of-blue "tessellation" constructed from a "digitally-fabricated metal screen." The treatment of the façade produces an inner cascade of shadows, creating an unexpected and refreshing interior. The top-level, painted in Dr. Seuss colors, makes for a small reward to those relegated to searching for a spot up top.

Photos, right this way. >>