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These Superhero Murals Are Pretty Much the Coolest Thing You Can Possibly Do with Post-Its

Hey, everybody, thanks for coming to this meeting, I know it was last minute. So, I just wanted to get a chance to touch base with you about the superhero murals that you created all around the office using over 8,000 post-it notes. First of all, they are very cool. The level of creativity and dedication that it took to produce these things is the exact reason that we hired you all in the first place. Secondly, I'd like to address the fact that NOBODY HAS DONE ANY WORK IN TWO WEEKS. Do you not know how companies work? Clients have been calling me left and right asking if we went bankrupt or something because nobody is responding to emails. Kelly, the one time someone actually got through to you with some requests, you told them, and I quote, "No problem, I'll just write it down on a—oh, wait, never mind." So, yeah, really cool murals. You're all fired.
· Office Installs Giant Superhero Mural Made With 8,024 Post-Its [Curbed National]