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Lucky Kids Get to Play in a Sweet Box Fort, Simultaneously Thumb Noses at Bureaucracy

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In a story that has been making the internet rounds this week, an Ogden, Utah father of two, Jeremy Trentelman, received a notice from the city requesting that he remove the box fort he'd built in his front yard or else risk facing a fine. Everyone is OUTRAGED, but it seems like these kids, and their father, are actually getting even more fun than they bargained for—as Trentelman points out, the fort probably would have met its natural end within the 15 day time limit anyway, and now not only do they all get to enjoy the fort, they also get to participate in the time-honored pastime of showing some pencil-pushing city government employee where he can stick his threats of citations. The only downside: Trentelman would like it if everyone on the internet could please stop saying mean things about his town.
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