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Office Installs Giant Superhero Mural Made With 8,024 Post-Its

Even with all of the sleek, design-forward cubicle options out there, cubicle life can feel pretty drab and uninspired. Which is why a group of coworkers at a bland, fluorescent-lit work space decided to spruce things up with an awesome—not to mention affordable—mosaic made of sticky notes. Using exactly 8,024 bright Post-Its, the staff created portraits of super heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman.

The result is a series of somewhat comical portraits (just look at Superman's hairdo) that cover the entirety of the office wall, with a pixelated effect reminiscent of a 1980s computer game. Apparently the team was so excited about the changes, they even came into work on the weekend to prepare the mural. Although it may be a bit distracting to have Wonder Woman stare you down while you work, perhaps it's better than windowless cream-colored walls. Here's to hoping the the staff pasted the Post-Its with more than just a glue stick.

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