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Can This Souped-Up $65K Container House Go Mainstream?

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Here's a fun thought exercise: for $65K, would you rather buy a luxury tiny home made to order, or a custom shipping container home already equipped with a bathroom, laundry units, Bose entertainment system, and everything else you need? That's right—just like the Portland-based company that makes it easy to indulge in the tiny house craze, a Montana-based company wants to do the same for recycled shipping container homes. Montainer, which recently began taking online orders for its all-inclusive container dwellings, offers a base modular unit, Nomad, for $65K, plus the option for expansion modules (which will cost around $20K-$30K). Delivery and installation will add another $10K-$20K to the tab. The end result, though, is a container home that's fully-inspected and move-in ready.

The 192-square-foot base model, a prototype of which was once featured in Sunset, is built from a 24-foot long box, a good deal longer than the standard 20-foot containers. The structure is made of Corten steel and can come in an wide selection of colors. Inside, appliances are all included and the floor is decked out in woven strand bamboo. Montainer envisions all sorts of uses for the Nomad: a backyard studio, "mother-in-law cottage," Airbnb rental, to name a few.

In an interview with the Montana Standard last year, Montainer co-founder and CEO Patrick Collins acknowledged that the idea of converting shipping containers homes isn't new. Yep. We. Are. Well. Aware. But Collins also thinks they're the first to "distill it down into a pure form of what people want," which he believes is "a recycled, aesthetically pleasing home that they purchased over the Internet in a streamlined way." "It's just shipped out to them and they don't have to think about it," he continues. Well, is he right?

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