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'Floor War' Causes Chipperfield to Denounce His Milan Museum

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After 15 years of work, starchitect David Chipperfield is publicly denouncing his £44M ($65M) project, the Città delle Culture museum complex in Milan, because of flooring material. Milan officials chose a poor quality stone floor against Chipperfield's original design, sparking an argument Chipperfield himself refers to as a "pathetic dispute." Città delle Culture, a converted steel factory that now hosts 5,000 squares of "unacceptable" flooring is due to open later this month in conjunction with the 2015 World Expo. Chipperfield is demanding his name be removed from the project.

Locals have dubbed the argument the "floor war." On one side is Milan's council, who said the material decision had to be made in the "interests of taxpayers" and also claims the materials were overseen by David Chipperfield's staff, according to the Independent. Chipperfield, on the other hand, labeled the project a "museum of horrors," stating that the dispute had been going on for nearly 18 months, during which time he has made "exhaustive attempts" to resolve the "physical mistakes made to the building."

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