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From Shot Skis to Neon: 14 Ways to Say Goodbye To Winter

There's still plenty of fun to be had

El Niño may have been more of a dud than skiers and snowboarders would have liked, but this year (at least in the west) turned out pretty dang well. On the East Coast, well, we're sorry. It was tough out there. But hey, any skiing is better than no skiing, right? So instead of complaining about the ski season, raise a pint (or five) to Ullr, the God of Snow, and count your blessings. We've got 14 ways to say goodbye to this season and usher in those long summer nights.

14. Spend at least five hours on a patio or deck: Sure, the snow might be crap, but nothing beats making a few slushy turns and then camping out on a sunny patio. Two words: people watching.

13. Edit your Go Pro footage: How many hours of unedited snow footage did you capture on your Go Pro this season? Do something with it now, or it's lost forever.

12. Bust out the neon: Because nothing says "Sayonara Winter" quite like tight pink spandex and one-piece suits straight out of the 80s. Our pick is Whistler's epic closing day, where locals rage it in Gaper Gear all day long.

11. Take a tour: Try working for your turns by skinning up the mountain. It's a great time for a workout and it'll make you appreciate the lifts that much more.

10. Clean out your ski jacket pockets: That old PB&J won't look good in November.

9. Teach someone to ski or snowboard: Earn great powder karma for next season by graciously offering to teach your niece or buddy how to ski or snowboard. Pro tip: keep those boots loose and stash a flask in your pocket.

8. Find a pond skim: Even if you don't participate, watching drunkards drown themselves in ice water is pretty dang fun.

7. Do a shot ski: Because why not?!? Not sure where to go? Check out our list of the oldest bars in ski country.

6. Host a ski burn: Sure, you may not be able to party with Quentin Taratino and Samuel L. Jackson like Telluride locals did in February, but a ski burn is always a good idea. Use the opportunity to clean out those old crappy skis and pray for next winter's snow.

5. Clean and wax your gear: Take it from us, rust and junk on your skis and snowboard does not get any better over the summer. Leave your gear in pristine condition now and it will mean less work in the fall.

4. Ski naked: Or not. But if skiing in the nude is on your bucket list, it doesn't get any warmer than now.

Courtesy of Arapahoe Basin

3. Host a "beach" party: Ski areas like Arapahoe Basin in Colorado know all about spring skiing. The Basin's Early Riser parking lot becomes a "beach" full of costumes, BBQ's, and pumping stereos. And while we love the A-Basin scene, and ski parking lot will work.

2. Skiers! Try snowboarding. And knuckle-draggers, bust out the skis!: Now's the perfect time to get better on all types of snow sliding. See how the other half lives and try skiing or snowboarding for a few days.

1. Take the last lift up: What's a better ending to your ski season than catching turns on the last lift up? At 4:00 pm, the mountain is peaceful, no one else is around, and you get a chance to revel in the beauty that is skiing. Want to be the most diehard local of them all? Catch the last chair on your hill's last day. Now that will earn you some bragging rights.

Get out there and enjoy the last few weeks of 2014-2015, Curbediverse. May you always have powder under your feet, bluebird skies overhead, and friends on the mountain.

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