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Is Vince Vaughn a Shady Developer in True Detective Season 2?

The trailer for the second season of True Detective came out today, and it features Vince Vaughn's character standing in front of some props that make him look for all the world like a super shady real estate developer. Is that what he is? The character has been described as "a criminal and entrepreneur in danger of losing his life's work," which definitely sounds like it could fit the bill. Let's review all the evidence.

1. In the trailer, the first thing we see him doing is meeting with Colin Farrell's character in a bar while wearing a nice suit. Certainly seems like something a developer could do. Then again, it seems like something that pretty much anyone could do. Not much to go on there.

2. The second thing we see him doing is standing in front of those building models. Total developer.

3. In the remainder of the trailer, he looks bored at a party while wearing a suit, shoves a younger suited man in the chest, and looks around with a frantic "I am in danger of losing my life's work" expression, all of which is very developer-y.

4. Somebody is going to have an orgy at a mansion. If that somebody is Vince Vaughn's character, and if that character is a shady real estate developer, don't act all surprised.

In conclusion, we will bet you $20 that Vince Vaughn's character is a shady real estate developer.