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Cute Whitewashed Carriage House in Osterville Asks $289K

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As far as Cape Cod microdwellings go, this adorable Osterville Village carriage house-turned-one-bedroom cottage is a McMansion. The wee abode weighs in at just 430 square feet, but seems larger thanks to a whitewashed interior and two sets of floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living area. According to the equally little listing, the home has an excellent rental history, not surprising considering the superb walkability of the Blossom Avenue location. If the diminutive digs are just too tiny as-is, there is a "recognized 2 BR newer septic" for a possible/maybe/check-the-zoning-first expansion. Either way, the asking price is $289,000.

· Listing: 44 Blossom Avenue, Osterville []