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Japanese Printing Company Indulges in Metaphor with Office Resembling Shiny Billboards

Suzuka, Japan, like a typical suburban city, contains the familiar roadside combination of strip malls with massive billboards displayed on top, a visual that local architects Shintaro Matsushita and Takashi Suzuki of +S describe as a "two-dimensional interface," like a website with interactive banners. So for a local printing company, +S designed an office with a series of rooftop huts about the same size of typical billboards. The office complex features a ground-level warehouse with reflective, metal-clad company guest houses on top.

The huts have no windows facing the street, making the flat facades look like shimmery, blank billboards. The interior of the mini-rooftop houses are painted in bright colors like vivid yellow, visible from a distance via floor-to-ceiling windows, and together they form a little rooftop village. The architects wanted to make sure the office blends into its surrounding environment, so much so, guests will feel like they're "living in the billboards."

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