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We Have So Many Questions About This Boston Condo with a Hot Tub in the Bedroom

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Featured this week in Curbed Boston's asking-rent guessing game, this apartment is one of the strangest we've ever seen. We have no answers, only questions. So many questions. Here they are, presented in no particular order:

1) Why is there a hot tub in the bedroom?

2) Is there even enough space to open the hot tub? Those ceilings look like they're six feet tall.

3) Are the ceilings six feet tall?

4) Why is there a changing corral with swinging doors right next to the hot tub? Is that really necessary?

5) Why is the living room two levels?

6) Why is there a sauna?

7) Where is there a sauna?

8) Would this not have been a good, or at least better, place for the hot tub? At least there's no carpeting to destroy.

9) Not to belabor the point, but why would you put a hot tub on carpeting?

10) All things being relative, does this not strike you as Hot Tub Corner?

11) We don't even want to know.

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