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Londoner Gets Revenge on Snooty Neighbors by Candy-Striping Her Own House

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In the proud tradition of the "spite house"—houses built or altered with the specific intention of pissing off the neighbors—Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, a resident of London's extremely expensive Kensington neighborhood, painted her house with red and white stripes after her neighbors prevented her from digging out a two-story basement. This type of revenge is the most delightful because it is, at its very essence, completely harmless, and yet devastatingly effective. The ultimate stroke of genius for Lisle-Mainwaring was to not finish the job, leaving the last stripe only half painted.

And less you think that this was all for nothing, and that the neighbors would just be able to go on with their lives, think again. "Most of think it's an eyesore and aren't all that happy about it, to be honest," a woman tells the Guardian, standing in front of the house. She goes on, "It's quite distracting, as well as the fact that it's unfinished in the corner. It drives me absolutely mad." And then the kicker: "I think it's everyone's view that it's a kind of childish retaliation ... It's a stamping my foot and 'I'll make your lives hell if you don't give me what I want' kind of thing." If you were ever wondering what hell what like, apparently it consists of living in a fancy neighborhood next to a stripy house.
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