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This Gorgeous 'Stained Glass' is Made of Gummy Bears (Really.)

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All photos via <a href="">Mayice</a>
All photos via Mayice

Hang up a few of these prismatic light boxes from Madrid design studio Mayice, and you might soon find yourself licking the walls…That's because each of these acrylic glass boxes are painted with a layer of melted gummy bears, promising to bring both color and aroma to your home. The designers at Mayice first discovered this technique almost 20 years ago in architecture school, and now it's a product you can buy for $162 each.

"Gummy bear paint acts like a filter making each box a one of a kind item depending on how much light they receive throughout the day," reads the product description reads. You can pick the light box's color, which, of course, decides the specific scent that follows.

Below, a few more shots and a mesmerizing "making of" video:

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