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Deer Valley Successfully Closes Deal on Solitude Mountain: Let the Upgrades Commence

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Last October, Deer Valley announced that they had purchased Solitude Mountain Resort for an unnamed amount. The big announcement came on the heel's of two other big acquisitions in the ski world: Vail Resorts purchase of Park City Mountain Resort for $182.5 million, and Mammoth's purchase of Big Bear Resorts for $38 million. As of today, May 1, the deal is done and Deer Valley will being operating Solitude in its entirety. So what changes will be coming to the Big Cottonwood Canyon resort?

Previously owned and operated by the DeSeelhorst family, Solitude Mountain Resort boasts 1,200 acres and 2,047 vertical feet.

For their first capital investment in Solitude, Deer Valley is replacing the current Summit double chairlift with a new detachable high-speed quad. Solitude will also get a new ski run from the top of the existing Apex Express chairlift to the bottom terminal of the realigned Summit Express chairlift, significantly lessening the current travel time to one of our favorite places on the mountain, Honeycomb Canyon.

Other plans include remodeling the Moonbeam Lodge restaurant, an increased guest service presence throughout the resort, and new uniforms for Solitude staff.

No word if Deer Valley's iconic Turkey Chili will also be headed to Solitude.

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