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Cape Cod Cabin (Literally) Takes the Porch Up a Level

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Though it's known as a hotspot for Modernist architecture, Cape Cod can still learn a few new tricks, architecturally speaking. This new take on a weekend retreat comes courtesy of Hammer Architects, who, when tasked with building a single-story home bathed in natural light in the town of Truro, took the client's request to heart and gave them both a sun-bathed porch and a better view by adding an open glass-sheathed second level.

Located on a clearing on the northern tip of the Cape, the home offers panoramic views from the upstairs guest rooms, which are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glazing on three sides. With a gabled roof and stained wood that recalls an upscale take on rustic design, the home is welcoming while maintaining a thin profile, a canopy-level cabin outfitted with custom woodwork and a bank of solar panels on the roof.

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