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Rumored Former Firehouse in South Yarmouth Wants $410K

Adaptive reuse lovers, rejoice! According to the listing for this South Yarmouth two bedroom, the 1,204-square-footer is rumored to be a former firehouse. While we're unable to confirm that a fire engine ever called this place home, there's little doubt that the 85-year-old brick building at 181 South Street once served some sort of municipal or commercial function, so we'll co-sign the rumormongering. Unfortunately, the freestanding condo's lone interior photo isn't helping to clear things up, but considering that 1930s fire trucks were smaller than today's SUVs, it seems likely that one may have parked in what is now the great room. Either way, the landmark property sits on .59 acres overlooking Crowell Pond and is just .3 miles from Smuggler's Beach, Bass River Beach and the boat ramp. Asking price is $409,999.

· Listing: 181 South Street, South Yarmouth []