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This Little Metal 'TravelBox' Packs in a Roomful of Furniture

All photos via <a href="">ArchDaily</a>
All photos via ArchDaily

It's not quite a tiny house on a trailer, but the TravelBox by Graz, Austria-based architect Stefan Juust nonetheless lets you take along basic furnishings wherever you go. Measuring almost seven feet in length, four feet in height, and about one-and-a-half feet in width at its rigid, closed state, the 132-pound contraption unpacks into a bed, table, chair, and storage—the ever crucial roof, it seems, must be found elsewhere. Intended as a solution to traveling on a budget, the reusable setup can also serve as a starter kit of sorts in an empty apartment. The product, built of wood and clad in aluminum, can be made to order.

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