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Are More Indoor Waterparks Coming to Ski Country?

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The rush to expand summer activities at ski resorts isn't the only non-skiing trend to hit the snow world these days; it looks like indoor waterparks might also be heading to a ski town near you.

Last week, the Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark opened in Tannersville, Pennyslavania, a $163 million project in conjunction with the owners of Camelback Mountain Resort. The massive, 125,000-square-foot waterpark includes 13 water slides, seven pools, 453 rooms, and is believed to be the largest indoor waterpark in the Northeast. The facility was built by Stand Rock Hospitality, a Wisconsin-based hotel and indoor watermark development and management company. Now, Stand Rock is looking at other ski areas in Vermont, Colorado, and the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Pete Hellend Jr. (managing partner of Stand Rock) said, ""We really feel now that this property is coming on line that it's going to generate a lot of attention in ski country across the United States. Skiing is all about market share and the market share isn't necessarily growing. So the competition between ski hills is pretty intense." So, Curbediverse, any guesses on which ski areas in those regions might be up for a huge indoor waterpark?

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