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Form Does Follow Function at $23M Calculus-Inspired Mansion

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All photos via Sotheby's

Location: Toronto, Canada
Price: $28,000,000 CAD (~$23,157,721)

Commissioned by Canadian mathematician and violinist James Stewart, Toronto's well-known Integral House is the ultimate architectural expression of his passions for math and music. The hillside home, presumably funded by the millions Stewart made off a series of calculus textbooks, was completed in 2009 by local firm Shim-Sutcliff Architects. Beyond the "integral" in its name, a reference to the math symbol, the home continues to channel calculus with its many curves, notably the undulating glass and oak facade. The centerpiece of the five-story mansion is a show-stopping concert hall with enough room for 200 guests, which Stewart used for intimate musical performances and gatherings. Months after Stewart passed away at the age 73, the Integral House has now come on the market for $23M.

The 18,000-square-foot residence slots a pool and patio on the lowest floor. The middle levels contain a study, kitchen, living, and dining areas overlooking the performance space. A master suite and three other bedrooms are in the upper levels. The grandiose home doesn't leave out practical luxuries, either: there's elevator access to all five levels, plus heated interior flooring and driveway.

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