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This Is Why You Might Not Want to Build a House on the Edge of a Cliff

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Living in a house on the edge of a cliff seems like a lovely thing in many ways (and, indeed, there are many beautiful houses perched on the edges of cliffs). You get permanently unimpeded water views, seclusion, and that sort of dangerously powerful feeling that comes from standing on top of something and looking down at the world. But, then again, in a very small minority of cases, there's always the chance that the cliff could break off causing your house to fall into a lake. This was the fate of one Texas couple, who were forced to abandon their 4,000-square-foot Texas mansion last year, after it became clear that the cliff overlooking Lake Whitney, where their house was situated, was not long for this world. They ended up adopting an "if we can't have this house, neither can the lake" attitude and burned the place down first, though. That'll show that lake.
· Fractured Limestone Cliff Tumbles Into Lake Whitney [NBCDFW, via Gawker]