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What Drinks Will They Serve in the Wes Anderson-Designed Bar?

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Filmmaker Wes Anderson designed a bar in Milan called Bar Luce and everyone is freaking out because it is the most Wes Anderson thing possible, from the vintage formica tables to the monogrammed sugar packets. But what kind of drinks will the bar serve? We've come up with a few ideas to help them get started.

· The Martini: a regular martini, but made with impeccable precision using pristine early 20th-century bartending implements
· The Whole Gang: a group of very famous liquors mixed together indescriminantly, in a way that makes you think, "Wow, pretty impressive that Wes Anderson got all these famous liquors to agree to be in the same drink!"
· The Bill Murray: champagne and ice
· The Ennui of the Wealthy Class: champagne with no ice
· The Caper: in order to get this drink you have to embark on a lengthy caper; also, it has capers in it
· The Needle in the Hay: vodka mixed with clippings from Luke Wilson's beard
· The Bittersweet Ending: a sweet liquor mixed with bitters; after you drink it you're happy, but feel a twinge of loss or regret

· Kitschy Bar Designed by Wes Anderson Is Kitschy as Hell [Wired]