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This Delightful Apartment is a Piece of Scandinavia in Sydney

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Taking a page from the sun-lit summer houses of Northern Europe, Australian furniture designer Frag Woodall turned a decaying unit in a 1930s Sydney apartment building into an airy and intimate home of his own. The pad is only 860 square feet, but as Frag The Design Files, its distinctive circular layout meant that there are no dead spaces or hallways. "You get an aspect into at least two other rooms from any place you're standing," he says.

As the lead designer and builder for the renovation, Frag chose a restricted color and material palette, focusing instead on detailed work like softened wall corners and handmade shutters. The home, furnished with many of Frag's own designs, is awash in white walls and floors accented by timber paneling and beams. Head over to The Design Files for the full story and tour.

· Frag and Naomi Woodall [The Design Files]