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Meet 'Startup Castle,' the Roommate Wanted Ad from Hell

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In Woodside, California there is a castle called "Startup Castle," and it only gets worse from here. The 17,000-square-foot mansion, formerly known as Buck Estate, is a self-described "community of excellence" and is currently accepting applications from young people with a "top-class degree or job with a strong math/science requirement," with rents ranging from $1,000 to $1,750/month. (Think Erlich's house in the HBO show Silicon Valley, but terrible.) There are a few requirements, however, for prospective roommates. Rather than even attempt to whittle them down to the most ridiculous, we will, like Fusion, just present them right here. Startup Castle is not for you if you:

– Watch more than 4 hours of TV/movie/game entertainment per week
– Have more than 1 tattoo
– Have ever attended more than 1 protest
– Make more than three posts a week to social media
– Listen to a songs with explicit lyrics more than an once a day
– Wear make-up more than twice a week
– Own any clothing, shoes, watches, or handbags costing over $500
– Have bills that get paid by somebody else
– Drive a vehicle that was given to you by your parents
– Get regular spending money or gifts from your parents
– Have more than one internet app date per week
– Have a complex diet that requires lots of refrigerator space
– Drink alcohol more than 3 drinks per week
– Use marijuana more than twice a year
– Have been prescribed anything by a psychiatrist more than once

– Use any other drug more than twice in your entire life A resident of the house told Fusion that these requirements were merely intended as a way of "trying to get away from people who were obsessed with themselves." Yes, certainly, it would be a true tragedy if the self-described "community of excellence" was infiltrated by people who did such self-obsessed things as watch TV, go on dates, or seek psychiatric care.
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