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A $6M Stone Manse From the Blue Blood Town Where the Tuxedo was Born

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All photos by Jill Swirbul

Location: Tuxedo Park, New York
Price: $5,800,000

While its name came from a Native American word for "crooked river," a better derivation for the private planned community of Tuxedo Park, New York, may have been the Indian phrase for blue blood, as this small village was a seat of privilege and wealth. The term tuxedo, as far as it applies to men's formalwear, was actually coined at the town's annual Autumn Ball in the '20s, where scions of the Juliard, Morgan, and Colgate families circulated. Emily Post even wrote her Blue Book of Etiquette based on going-ons about town. It's not surprising this massive, gated stone manse in town is asking for an aristocratic $5.8M. But the lakefront home from 1896 has more than high-flying neighbors in its past, as well as a short stay by actress and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg.

Designed by architect Bruce Price—Emily Post's dad—whose work in Tuxedo Park went on to inspire Frank Lloyd Wright and other American architects, the 2.9-acre estate features a boat house and dock as well as grand, soaring interiors. The living room, for example, boasts 27-foot-high ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and curved, leaded glass windows. It all forms a certain vision of living inside this 9,000-square-foot home—which also includes a powder room, wet bar, and seven bedrooms—that suggests the easy life.

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