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4 Ways to Create Space-Saving "Mini Lofts" in Tiny Apartments

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As apartments get tinier and tinier, it's not surprising to see the "room in a box" design trend gain traction. Paris and Madrid-based architects Aurélie Beriot and Miguel Bernardini, for example, have been working on a series of projects involving space-saving, multi-functional modules, usually made of wood for easy handling. Recently profiled in AD España, these designs find different ways to deploy the boxy "mini loft" concept in small homes ranging from 270 to 400 square feet.

↑ In a 400-square-foot space, Beriot and Bernardini came up with a multi-purpose structure made of 55mm-thick plywood. It provides support for a lofted space and serves as a kitchen counter on the ground level and a railing table on the mezzanine.

↑ The "mini loft" in this 320-square-foot home takes after the typical tiny home layouts, where a lofted bed and ladder contraption hover over an open kitchen.

↑ Taking advantage of the high ceilings in this 300-square-foot studio, the designers came up with a transforming "super-cabinet" of sorts, packing in a bed, bathroom, tiny kitchen, and plenty of storage.

↑ To optimize a 270-square-foot room, Beriot and Bernardini devised a duo of pine wood structures: one crams in a double bed, bunk bed, and table, while the other frames a cushioned living area by the window.

Click through to AD España to see more photos of all four setups.

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