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Someone Please Give Us Enough Money to Live in Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace

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Dior just had its resort show at architect Pierre Cardin's famous Palais Bulles (a.k.a Bubble Palace) outside of Cannes, France, and while its certainly fun to look at all the Instagrams from the event, what really interesting about this piece on Quartz is the revelation that the Bubble Palace is available for rent, for $1,125 per day. That means that someone could actually live in the Bubble Palace. We would like that someone to be us. Only one problem: $1,125 per day is a little steep, so if anyone would like to loan give us $33,750 to go live in the Bubble Palace for a month, it would be greatly appreciated. Let us know. Thanks.

· Photos: You can rent the insane Bubble Palace, site of Dior's resort show, for $1,125 a day [Quartz]
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