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Reno Turns Rat-Infested NYC Townhouse into Mod Beauty

2012 was a hard year for this now-handsome townhouse on the Upper West side of Manhattan. In 2010, a discount sporting goods mogul who later sold his Academy Sports & Outdoors empire, David Gochman, purchased the house along with his wife Becky for $7.5 million. But then the rats came, and neighbors got mad. But, given that wonderful architect Steven Harris came onboard, executed a three-year renovation, and pulled a lovely, modern Upper West Side townhouse from a place that used to look, well, like this, it seems things have turned around. The 6,300-square-foot home, which has five outdoor spaces, five bedrooms, three wine refrigerators, an elevator, and a solarium with a contemporary fire pit, is now on the market asking a whopping $20 million. The rodents are presumably gone.

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