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A Look at Sight Unseen Offsite's Most Architectural Designs

Plant-in MINI by Huy Bui—All photos courtesy of Sight Unseen unless otherwise noted
Plant-in MINI by Huy Bui—All photos courtesy of Sight Unseen unless otherwise noted

The second annual Sight Unseen OFFSITE, the live show from popular online publication Sight Unseen, is now in full swing, surfacing provocative contemporary furniture and decor designs from over 50 exhibitors. The spectrum of ideas presented, as previously noted, is wide, but a closer look at the works on show reveals that architecture is an important source of inspiration for quite a few designers.

Many of L.A.-based designer Bari Ziperstein's ceramic works are influenced by Cold War-era Brutalist architecture. But by manipulating the vessels' scale, surface treatment, and color, Ziperstein renders stout forms suitable for the home.

Sharing a booth with Ziperstein at the show is fellow L.A.-based studio 100xbtr. Its line of handcrafted furniture also channels Brutalist architecture—not exactly in any literal way, but more so in its approach to creating efficient forms (e.g. the modularity seen in a few chairs and shelving.)

NYC-based designer Hui Buy, who previously completed installations exploring the relationship between architecture, technology, and plants, is launching a new series of modular terrariums that bring micro-ecosystems into your home. Made of natural walnut and char-black wood, these mini "houses for plants" can sit on tabletops or hang from ceilings, as well as combine into larger structures.

Making its debut at Sight Unseen OFFSITE, this new series from Brooklyn-based designer Jason Kachadourian draws inspiration from the setting of Batman and, of course, New York City. These pieces, which include a table and a couple of "Bruce lamps", look unmistakably Art Deco and aim to collectively "paint a scene."

NYC-based designer Pablo Alabau brings to Sight Unseen OFFSITE Casa Polo, a new series of steel and plywood stools informed by the "shape, colors, and spirit" of early Rationalist architecture. Alabau is also debuting "Le C," a set of streamlined housewares inspired by the kitchen in Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye.

Sight Unseen OFFSITE is open May 15-18 at Hudson Mercantile, which is a block away from the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center.

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