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What to Expect from the U.S.'s First "Flying Tiger" Store

All photos by Jenny Xie
All photos by Jenny Xie

Tiger, the Danish purveyor of quirky decor and accessories, already has 429 stores across Europe and Japan and today, it will open its first American outpost, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, in New York City's Flatiron neighborhood. Though Danish design is often associated with a streamlined, minimalist look, Flying Tiger, as Curbed discovered at a preview event on Friday, subscribes to no singular aesthetic—it instead covers a million niche ones on a spectrum ranging from the understated (pastel-colored ceramics) to the seriously whimsical (waste bins with an onion print?!).

Early reports about the new U.S. store indicated that 90 percent of products will be under $15, a claim that certainly seems reasonable based on what we saw yesterday. There were, for example, patterned mugs for $3, decorative wall hangers for $4, and wire baskets for $5. Certain products, such as plastic containers, can come off comparably cheap-looking. Others, particularly design-y ceramics, can feel like great steals. Like shopping in an H&M or dollar store, the key is probably hunting down those particular gems with a winning combination of quality and charm—which, in a store that has a winding, maze-like circulation, could be an adventure.

And of course, a whole wall of bike accessories!

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