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This Fake Video Game Explains Why You Get Mad at Trains for Being Late

If you have waited for a train more than, say, three times, chances are you have had the unfortunate experience of being extremely upset while waiting for a train that was supposed to be there already and beset by unexplained delays. New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority decided to create a video to help explain those unexplained delays, but since the message essentially boils down to "Sometimes stuff happens and we have to deal with it, you jerks," they apparently figured that a way to make it a little more palatable would be to turn it into a fake 16-bit video game scene. And it worked! This is a very charming, and bizarrely calming video about how trains get delayed and, eventually, un-delayed.
· The MTA made a cute 16-bit video to explain how subway delays work [Brokelyn]