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Clever Swedish Architecture Students Built Themselves a Low-Cost, Transforming Studio

What better way to teach architecture students about architecture than having them design and construct a building of their own? That's exactly what happened at Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology, where a group of students in an advanced-level class got to craft themselves a studio workspace that puts their knowledge of economical construction and Swedish building laws to the test. Named "The Friggato", the finished result is built from tons of salvaged materials and costed a total of $15,800. It's composed of two volumes: a 270-square-foot structure that contains plywood interiors and fold-down tables, and a 161-square-foot structure on wheels. As it turns out, by building a detachable house, they've not only created the opportunity for an outdoor meeting space, but also get around laws that would require a permit for the smaller component.

When the mobile structure is rolled away from the bigger structure, its roof becomes an additional inhabitable space accessed via a meshed staircase. Get the full story on the project over on Full Scale Studio's blog.

· The Friggatto by Full Scale Studio [Studio 1: Full Scale]