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Mad Men Real Estate Update: Maybe There Will Be a Spinoff?

The Mad Men series finale aired on Sunday and it has already proven to be one of the most controversial finales in television history, with some people claiming that it was too ambiguous and unsatisfying because we never get to see the inside of the new apartment that Don Draper bought in New York City (or even find out what building, or even what neighborhood, it's in) and others claiming that it worked, because the penthouse bachelor pad that we were all left imagining is surely better than any real apartment that could actually exist. And we have to admit, we're in the former camp. What's that apartment like? Where is it? Will Don stick with the red-walls-and-strange-rectangular-blocks theme that he picked from Meredith's vision board, or will he hire a professional interior designer? Our only hope now is that show runner Matthew Weiner will take a page from Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan's book and create a spinoff show starring the second most interesting character, and that this time next year we'll be watching Don's real estate agent, Melanie, as she traipses around New York, berating clients and telling them why she can't sell their apartments. Maybe they could call it... Apartment Lady? Just a thought.
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