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Gehry's Seuss-Like Guest House Auctioned Off for $905K

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How much would you pay to own a starchitect-designed guest home? Earlier this afternoon, an entire, relatively unknown Frank Gehry building was auctioned off for $905,000. Wright Auctions put the 2,300-square foot Winton Guest Home up for bid during its "Design Masterworks" sale, which also featured several striking furniture pieces such as a George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa. The playful structure was initially listed at $850,000 as a starting bid. It hit $905,000 after commissioned costs and buyer premiums were added to the final gravel price of $750,000.

Built in 1987 as a guest house for Mike and Penny Winton in 1987, the whimsical structure—clad in stone, plywood, and copper and built in an array of shapes—was meant as a contrast to the Minneapolis couple's existing brick home, designed by Philip Johnson. Gehry had earned some high-profile gigs earlier, but coming before the mega-commissions that made him famous, this experimental project found him exploring the sculptural forms that would make his future buildings so iconic. It also, not surprisingly, was a favorite spot for the Winton grandchildren.

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