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Nobody Wants to Buy the Mansion from Scarface

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The real life estate that played the role of a lifetime as Tony Montana's mansion in the 1983 movie Scarface hit the market last year asking $35 million, and was reportedly still asking that as of two months ago. The Neoclassical Santa Barbara (though the movie was set in Miami) El Fureidis ("Little Paradise") mansion has had no luck finding a buyer, however, and as Lighter Side of Real Estate points out, the listing just reappeared with a significantly reduced asking price, down to $17.8 million. Apparently, the owner, Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin, has lost faith in the property's cultural cache as a selling point. The listing doesn't even mention the movie anymore.

[UPDATE: The mansion has sold for $12.26 million, just over a third of the original asking price. The buyer commented that its association with the movie was merely "a data point."]

[The mansion, in happier times.]

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