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You Can Now Taste Different Cities' Smogs Infused into Meringues

The smell and taste of the air changes from city to city, of course, but the subtle differences are hard to test out first hand unless you have superpowers and you can take a deep breath in, say, New York and then hold it while you hop on a jet to Los Angeles and fly across the country. But now there is an easier way, and it's coming to the IDEAS CITY Festival in New York on May 30: the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and Center for Genomic Gastronomy will serve harvested air from highly polluted areas infused into meringue form. "Egg foams are up to 90 percent air, and whipping the eggs causes particulate matter to be trapped in the batter," the center explains. "Our custom Smog Tasting cart will feature a portable smog chamber and will serve up free, edible smog meringues from different cities and eras." The FCINY adds, "As one of the main ingredients is the air that we breathe everyday, the served treats are not hazardous." Though we'd speculate that making people scared to breathe anymore could be one hazard.
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