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See How LA's Five Richest Tech Billionaires Are Living Large

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The LA Business Journal's annual list of the Wealthiest Angelenos includes a diverse mix of richies made rich by entertainment, finance, and real estate, but there are lots of young new tech faces in the mix, several of whom are celebrating their first years on the list. The Journal says, in fact, that tech is the new Hollywood: "In Los Angeles, a very similar dynamic was seen nearly a century ago with the establishment of Hollywood as the center of the motion picture world." From Tesla's Elon Musk to the bros at Snapchat, LA's rising tech superstars have chosen some very different places to call home—some prefer blocky concrete pads along the coast, others are more interested in ostentatious hilltop spec houses decorated for a modern-day Scarface. We've rounded up the residences of a few of the big names off the LABJ's list to let them speak for themselves.

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