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Private Jets Can Come with Fireplaces Now

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We were a little iffy about getting a private jet before we found out about the "Fireless Fireplace" that Lufthansa Technik just announced. But now that you can have fireplaces on jets, it seems like a no brainer. Or, rather, it would be a no brainer, if it wasn't for the "fireless" part. Apparently, having a real fire in an airplane is thought to be dangerous for some reason, so these the one that Lufthansa thought up "combines an illuminated water mist with an illuminated imitation of burning wood to create what Lufthansa calls a 'very realistic 3-D impression of a real fire.'" So maybe we'll hold off on getting that jet after all. Until you can roast marshmallows in the sky, it just doesn't seem worth it.
· Thank God: There's Finally a 'Fireplace' for Private Jets [Wired]