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Big Data-Designed Home Shows Swedes are Pretty Stylish

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The thought of the average American house may conjure up visions of suburban living, perhaps a single-family home at the end of a cul de sac. In Sweden, not surprisingly, a similar thought experiment based on actual data resulted in a far more modernist structure. The country's most popular property site, Hemnet, gave Stockholm-based architecture firm Tham & Videgård traffic patterns and info from 86,000 property listings, providing the raw data needed to compose the Hemnet Home, a demonstration of algorithmic architecture that used statistical analysis to create Sweden's most sought after home.

The architects interpreted the data and designed within self-imposed stylistic constraints they felt represented the history of Swedish building. The exterior facade, curved wood panels used to create depth, fused two structural archetypes, the traditional red wooden cottage and the white functionalist box, while the shape and size of the home reflected Hemnet statistics. With a sunny terrace and double-height kitchen, the surprisingly energy-efficient interior suggests that "average" may not be that average at all.

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