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Kickstarter Project Offers Colorful Route to DIY Furniture

Floyd Leg, you've got some new competition. SNAP, a currently running Kickstarter campaign by Be-elastic, a Miami-based duo of Spanish designers, is the latest DIY table system to take advantage of the trend towards reusing and repurposing. Traveling inspired the designers to create a transportable furniture system flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances and utilize different materials. Each steel leg uses a clamp and cable system, which comes in more than a dozen color combinations, to anchor a board or object. The site suggests SNAP can not only create an end or patio table, but multiple systems can be stacked to create shelving systems (keep in mind each pair of legs is only supposed to be able to support 154 pounds). The campaign already hit its funding goals, so for $60 and up, you can reserve a set for expected delivery this fall.

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