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This Video Tour of an Abandoned Asylum Looks Straight Out of a Horror Film

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Ruin porn goes cinematic in "Project Senium," a debut release from a group of filmmakers determined to preserve the experience of incredible abandoned spaces through elaborate short films. This video, just under 10 minutes, takes you through the ruins of a massive asylum that's been left to decay for nearly 20 years. Compared to similar projects documenting an abandoned seminary or an entire city, "Project Senium" involves a more dramatic soundtrack and more panic-inducing fast-forwarded shots, plus a haunting narrative voiceover.

If you're wondering where the depicted asylum is, the team behind the project intentionally withheld the location in order to prevent further vandalism to the site. (But for the truly curious, we can tell you the place looks a whole lot like one certain Long Island psychiatric center recently featured in an extensive photo essay on Curbed.)

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