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Satsify Your Architectural Sweet Tooth with this Candy-Inspired Pavilion in London

All photos via <a href="">Dezeen</a>
All photos via Dezeen

If you have an architectural sweet tooth, and prefer your buildings rainbow-hued and bite-size, perhaps this will satisfy your cravings. Brightly-colored Murano glass sweets—those Italian hard candies wrapped in equally vibrant plastic—inspired this pavilion by London firm Cousins & Cousins Architects for British manufacturer Gx Glass, now on display at the English capital's Clerkenwell Design Week. Two types of glass were used to create the bowtie-shaped folly, which—of course—has a form meant to evoke the ends of a candy wrapper: color-backed glass and glass printed with geometric patterns rendered in ceramic. Some of the panels, Dezeen notes, are also magnetic, and the pavilion's organizers have encouraged several illustrators to mount and create work directly onto the installation.

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