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The Sundance Film Festival Reaps Big Rewards for Park City

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The who's who of Hollywood spent big this past year in Park City, with February's Sundance Film Festival adding $83.4 million to Utah's gross state product. This year's figure was down slightly from the $86.4 million added in 2014, but was up from the five-year average of $78 million. So just how much does each festival attendee spend?

According to the Park Record, here's how the $83.4 million jolt into Utah's economy breaks down:

· $28.6 million on lodging
· $15 million on meals
· $9.2 million on unspecified retail purchases.
· $4.4 million on recreation and entertainment
· $3.2 million on car rentals
· $1.8 million on unspecified other forms of transportation

People attending the festival averaged $227.08 in spending each day and spent almost $1350 during their entire stay. Sundance usually draws about 45,000-46,000 people, almost all of whom prefer to go to screenings in Park City as opposed to other film locations.

But as any true Park City local knows, you won't find 46,000 people on the ski hill. Only 34.4 percent of festival goers from outside of Utah said they planned to ski and snowboard during Sundance, and we're guessing even that number is optimistic. Sundance is one of our favorite times to ski the Park City resorts, especially if there's a powder day.

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